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NON-ANIMAL TESTED COSMETICS Are you Searching for cosmetics that have N’t caused any Creature suffering? You have come to the right shop. The cosmetics, nail polish and cosmetics are not tested on animals and do not contain ingredients of animal origin. You will help change the cosmetics industry by gratifying yourself if you’re vegan. Our Expertise Végan, previously Vegan Mania, is the figurehead of those vegan cosmetic stores. All the goods sold are checked by labels and certifications and the compositions are verified by our teams that decide which brands are put available. That is we have been trusted by more than 30000 customers until now and we’ll be thrilled to satisfy you. And behaving in attractiveness with Végan is straightforward and effective. You promote beauty manufacturers and craftsmen to act in the ideal direction. Animal testing shouldn’t more be the rule, thanks to you. Our cosmetics products are made in the United States, Italy, UK or France. They fulfill your needs concerning quality: and we’re beginning to know exactly what you like. Doing everything to meet you As soon as you place an order on the website we place all our heart in to supplying you with an exceptional experience. Choice of advanced products in accordance with an ecological and ethical approach. Animals are spared through the entire ordering process (products sold and materials utilised in the company). Effective beauty products since when we buy a mascara we don’t want it to earn panda eyes even if the ethics are great. Orders are processed as fast as possible (quite often the exact same day). We are friendly. Organic and vegan cosmetics store Discover us, we’ll be delighted to welcome you at our shop with our catalogue available. Perhaps you have thought that the expression Vegan only applied to food and are surprised to find it in cosmetics? To be vegan is to deny all animal exploitation, whether it be via food or for all other aspects of life: clothes, cosmetics, leisure… We invite you to read our post »Vegan, what’s it? » To learn more about this lifestyle. In the following article, we will answer all your questions about veganisne in makeup. What is a vegan cosmetic? What ingredients should be prevented and banned? Are there any certifications that make it more easy to find vegan makeup? Is it true that the term vegan free and mean natural? What is a vegan cosmetic? A vegan cosmetic is a cosmetic where you will not find any ingredients from an animal/insect or any other living species. When it’s an ingredient which comes directly from the animal (such as fat) or by its production (for example, milk or honey), nothing is approved. The idea is to leave everything goes to the animals, to the critters. For the remainder, temperament has to offer to man to let the creatures enjoy their own bodies and their own harvest. What’s a vegan cosmetic? What ingredients should be avoided in vegan cosmetics? You may not know this, but a lot of components from animal production are hidden on your cosmetics. Here is a list of the most common ingredients and their Latin names (INCI) so that you can easily differentiate them: Milk: Donkey’s milk is the most common ingredient in cosmetics. You will find it. Mealybug: This is a really small insect found chiefly on cacti. It produces a carmine red dye when it feels threatened. This pigment is very often found to obtain a red/pink colour. To remove the pigment, these pests are crushed. Carmine is located under the name CI75470. Bone black pigment, hidden under INCI CI 77267. These are bones of creatures offering a charcoal pigment. Guanine – CI 75170: A molecular complex derived from the scales of fish to procure an iridescent sheen in varnishes, eye shadows etc.. Honey: Honey is frequently found in moisturizing creams or hair sprays to moisturize. Propolis is the fruit of the bee harvest. It is also found in cosmetics. It will be identified by you with the INCI propolis extract. It moisturizes the superficial cells of their skin but may be irritating if it is overdosed. INCI: lanolin There’s also a whole list of ingredients to watch out for. Really, the following ingredients may be of animal or vegetable (or even synthetic) origin. It is therefore necessary to inquire about the worth of this brand in order not to be mistaken: Collagen, Glycerin, Keratin… We ask that you consult our article »how to decode the labels » to discover all the ingredients to avoid when consuming vegan. What certificates prove that my decorative is vegan? As you’ve observed, there are a lot of designations behind that can be hidden ingredients of animal origin. And because not everyone can decipher the labels, some labels and certificates look after this work to make it much easier for you. As a consumer, all you have to do is turn to some certified vegan cosmetic for peace of mind and also to make sure your decorative is in line with your values. Here are the tags you can trust: Vegan Society Label This label exists since 1944. It’s an international standard that certifies your cosmetics or cosmetics products are vegan AND cruelty. Peta Cruely free and vegan label This emblem certifies that the product is Peta approved, cruelty free and vegetarian. Certified noodle label The accredited vegan logo is issued by the Vegan Awareness Foundation. Is a vegan decorative necessarily natural? You’ll find. The word vegan only means the product doesn’t contain ingredients of animal origin. To get a vegan and organic cosmetic, you will need to turn to specialist shops in the field. Now comes the vital question, can it be cruelty free? Now comes the crucial question, is vegan makeup cruelty free? Which are the differences between these two conditions that both seem to safeguard animal welfare? Simply put, the term vegan denotes the composition of this merchandise whereas cruelty free means that the products are not tested on animals. The one can go without the other. We must then distinguish between two phrases: vegan cosmetics CERTIFIED vegan makeup A vegan cosmetic that’s certified is systematically cruelty free since the associations include composition and testing on animals. An individual has to look closely at this brand’s worth and ensure that there is a certificate that is cruelty-free. Vegan makeup at Veganie In Veganie the creature cause is in the centre of our concerns. It’s therefore naturally that 100% of the goods have vegan compositions. Unfortunately, not all of cosmetics are vegan certified. But, we work with reasonable and ethical brands that are 100% cruelty free. In addition to supplying vegan makeup, we make sure that none are tested on animals in order to respect their well-being. As well as offering you vegan goods, we also make sure to choose brands whose goods have a healthy and organic composition. The cosmetics and make-up products you will find in our store are so always natural, vegan and crulty free!

I originally created this manual several years ago, and it climbed to nearly 150 cruelty-free brands! I’ve had to remove some that are no more cruelty-free because the guide was published but I’ve also added many more. Thanks for everyone who has shared and used this manual! I’m so pleased to find that it has been helpful to you. Please consider sharing it with friends and family, if you like this manual!

Who said there are not vegan makeup brands and many cruelty-free?! I created this guide comprising 101 manufacturers to show you it’s possible to locate quality cruelty-free makeup for every budget, from high-end to drugstore!

I remained objective about my recommendations, although I included my experience with those brands. I made sure to tell you about it, if a few products suck. If you’re a makeup newcomer, I hope this guide will be helpful to you!

I divided the guide into 4 sections:

The last section contains brands which are not sold in mostly online-only and shops. Other sections might include independent brands in the purest sense of the word (brands not owned by a different firm ) but I chose to split this way. The mid-range and high-end sections comprise popular brands that are sold in shops, although the indie section contains brands that aren’t (yet) taken by large stores.

Vegan make-up is simple to discover. There’s absolutely no reason to buy cosmetics that contain animal byproducts, or are associated with animal testing, even when superior cruelty-free brands are available. Check out our links below to every vegetarian providers of sort of cosmetic, also soaps, bath products, deodorants, and shampoos.

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A growing number of established brands are starting the procedure like The Body Shop, Too Faced and Urban Decay that all offer committed ranges. The vegan solution has been chosen by others. Zoom on 3 chic and ethical labels on the market

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